Walless Law Firm Business Card

Walless business cards

FOLK designed these business cards for Walless, a modern law firm with the best professionals in the field.

Just like its brand name, Walless is a law firm with a wall-less attitude, where boundaries are seen as challenges, not obstacles.

The main idea behind Walless is the belief that openness and transparency is the future business model of global B2B law firms. Their teams of top legal talents place their clients’ satisfaction at the very forefront of business by refusing to wall themselves into the traditional working patterns.

Based on this concept, FOLK developed a visual identity that breaks down the walls and focus on the parts that keep the structures solid – columns. Each of them represents a person, attorney-at-law, behind your serious legal matters. When you look from above, they become dots.

Walless_logoWalless logo
The use of modern typography and colours helped too. The typography used in the visual identity is Wigrum, created by Production Type.

“It is a typeface that adds a ‘humane’ tone to geometry. Thus, Wigrum features include straight, rational shapes, and at the same time all the required optical corrections for optimal reading comfort,” said Regina Stonytė, the Graphic Designer at FOLK.

Walless business cards_1Walless stationery_1
These business cards were printed by Spalvų Projektai, a printing house in Vilnius.

“The cards were printed on Pop’Set Indigo 320g using screen-printing technique and copper foiling for the dots,” Regina said.

Walless business card Walless_business cardWalless_stationeryWalless_business cardsWalless interior design

Designed by FOLK

Printed by Spalvų Projektai

For Walless

Business Card Printing
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