Wagner Higa Lawyer Business Card

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Everton Gargioni designed these business cards for Wagner Higa, a lawyer focused on employment law.

“The client has been working in several areas encompassing employers, preventive and litigation law, for the past 14 years,” Everton said.

“He wanted to convey confidence as the first impression clients would get from his new visual identity, so he came to me.”

Wagner Higa logo

Everton united the client’s initials – letter W and H – to form a symbol/monogram that merges a classical touch with modern design.

“My idea was to put together 14 years of experience condensed into colors, textures and just convey that overall feeling of he-knows-what-he-is-doing-so-I-trust-him kind of mood, you know.”

The client handled the card-printing himself. According to Everton, “I’ve sent the instructions (settings) I wanted along with the PDF file and I let the client decide where he wanted to print – but most important, he had to find a company who could handle those specifications.”


“I set it up to be a metallic pantone on the logo with a low relief overall and thought about a heavyweight textured matte paper to make it pleasurable to feel,” he added.


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Wagner Higa business card_2Wagner Higa stationery

Designed by Everton Gargioni

For Wagner Higa

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