Vrai Design Studio Business Card

Vrai Studio business cards

Camille Gabarra designed these business cards for Vrai Studio, a design studio that helps people to communicate their brand, whether it’s paper-based or digital.

As the Founder of Vrai Studio, Camille said, “We work on what we love: branding, photography, web etc., regardless the project size. And we only work with people we like, that’s the brand new part of our mindset.”

Vrai Studio business cards2


Design Concept

The business card is designed to have great legibility. This is a clean, simple and efficient design that shows the personality of the brand. And the colours are just right.

“That’s why we present our business card with a special set up: it’s not just a visiting card but a card that makes you feel the brand in general, where words are meaningful.”

“Vrai Studio means ‘TRUE’ studio, because we want honesty, straightforward business without any lies. We are efficient and we try to convey that from the get-go, with our skills listed on the back of the business card.”

Vrai Studio business card1

Typography & Colour Palette

The design inspirations were based on Camille’s experience as a Pinterest/Instagram lover and 20 years of experience in graphic design, photography and printing materials.

“The truth is, we love efficiency so choosing a typography, iconic colours and the paper material for our brand is important. We love letterpress printing a lot and the edge-painted effect is a way to say that ‘we know our expertise and we can help’.”

The typography used for the visual identity are Archive Extra Bold and Roboto – both from Google fonts. As for the colours, milky pink and punchy dark blue are used because according to Camille, they appeal to both genders.

These business cards were letterpress-printed by Spind, using 2 Pantone colours and with painted edges on a duplex of G.F Smith Extract Shell (2x380g) paper.

Vrai Studio business cardVrai Studio business cards typography

Vrai Studio business cards_backVrai Studio business cards3Vrai Studio business cards_painted edge

Designed by Camille Gabarra

Printed by Spind

For Vrai Studio

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