Vineet Jain Interior Designer Business Card

Vineet Jain business card

Shipra Gupta designed these business cards for Vineet Jain, an interior designer.

“This is a visual branding for an interior design firm. It’s a simple and elegant design that revolves around this wavy and circular texture, and bright colours are preferred.” Shipra said.

The colour palette has a fresh, relaxing vibe and it works well with the overall brand image.

Vineet Jain logoVineet Jain interior design branding
“The design needs to be elegant and inviting. I’ve done a bit of research and this is a common design (wavy, circular) when I narrowed down different sites,” Shipra explained.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would suggest to use textured sheet for base and embossed printing technique to be used,” Shipra said.

Vineet Jain business cardsVineet Jain stationeryVineet Jain stationery2Vineet Jain billboard designVineet Jain website design

Designed by Shipra Gupta

For Vineet Jain


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