Victoria Cazares Photographer Business Cards

Victoria Cazares business card

Nubia Navarro designed these business cards for Victoria Cazares, a photographer who loves to capture candid moments and make them last forever.

The idea of the design was to create a brand identity that showcases Victoria’s expertise as a photographer while expressing it artistically.

“My design process is a little messy sometimes but for this project, everything was really clear because I had total freedom in terms of creation. So, I designed the logo in hand lettering and then I digitized the letters,” Nubia said.

Victoria Cazares logoVictoria Cazares logo variations

Speaking more about the inspiration behind the logo design, she continued, “Victoria’s logo represents the authentic and moldable ability to adapt to the moment – to capture unrepeatable expressions and moments. It starts from two circular shapes, which make it organic and feminine. The main icon is a fusion between an eye and a sea wave which represents the perfect moment that like any wave of the sea, is unique and is captured by the eye. After that I selected a cool typography for the brand and also the deliverables.”


The client handled the card-printing. We asked Nubia if she could visualize the printing outcome from her perspective, she replied, “I think the cards would look awesome printed on 16pt thick paper. I think the cards must be printed on a textured but high quality paper, all this to express the brand effectively – something simple and nostalgic but very professional.”

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We couldn’t agree more!

VICTORIA business cardVICTORIA_cardsVictoria Cazares bagsVictoria Cazares_branding itemVictoria Cazares pins

Designed by Nubia Navarro a.k.a. Nubikini

For Victoria Cazares

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