Viaducs Furniture Designer Business Card

Viaducs business card

La Rusée designed these business cards for Viaducs, two French designers named Nelson and Maxence who are specializing in contemporary Nantes furniture.

La Rusée managed the branding project including naming, logo design, graphics and other brand collaterals.

Viaducs logo


A viaduct (or Viaduc in French) was referring to a type of large bridge composed of various arches in the form of alcoves. La Rusée created the brand name, Viaducs, and designed the logo based on this concept as well. It was hoping to express the idea of wanting to make the design accessible by creating a direct link (symbolized by the bridge illustration) between the designer and the purchaser.

Viaducs wanted to express the fact that thanks to them, the purchase of contemporary designated furniture becomes accessible, hence the tagline: design at your fingertips. The designer can directly address the customer, and create a custom-made furniture without having to go through a third person, like a publishing house,” explained Julie Clément, the Founder of La Rusée.

Viaducs business cards

The typography is custom-made and the cut on the letters are referring to the curves of a bridge.

As for the colour palette, night blue and gold are the colours of the owners’ emblematic objects – their chairs.

Viaducs business card

These business cards were printed via gold foil and letterpress techniques on blue overnight paper 700g by Grand Royal Studio.

“Nelson and Maxence wanted a luxurious business card that showcases the quality of their products, which led to the usage of gilding technique and thick paper,” Julie said.

Viaducs business card_2

Viaducs business cards_2Viaducs businesscardViaducs business cards_3

Designed by La Rusée

Printed by Le Grand Royal Studio

For Viaducs

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