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Whitney Kerney designed these business cards for Velvet, a tattoo studio that offers an elevated experience through cosmetic and traditional tattooing based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Velvet’s creative and business approach not only inspires, but empowers women to feel confident in themselves,” Whitney said.

“They are passionate about providing custom and unique procedures for each client by creating beautiful, quality, and long-lasting work. Also, they want their clients to leave feeling confident and empowered.”

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Heart Shape & Design Inspiration

The business card design has a lovely heart-shape. When asked about the inspiration behind it, Whitney replied, “We were inspired by the female-empowerment focus in Velvet’s brand identity. We wanted this design to be a great example of femininity. In addition, since the client is a tattoo studio, the heart-shaped was inspired by heart tattoos.”

The goal of the design was to help the brand deliver a feminine, female-empowered look with a retro/vintage flare.

“Our strategy was to create a branding experience that makes you feel empowered, inspired, and confident. An identity that is fun, bold, colourful, empowering; has a playful and sassy personality, and is unique and confident.”

“We wanted this brand identity to set the tone of confidence and female-empowerment and the ‘badassery’ that comes with that.”

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According to Whitney, they wanted the font pairings to exude a feminine and retro feel, but in a feminine-modern way when developing the font suite for Velvet.

“We wanted these font pairings to be reflective of their brand tone and voice. We chose a sans-serif font (Centra No. 2) to give off that feminine and modern perspective, and paired it with a decorative font (Temeraire Italienne Italic) to play up the retro and fun side as well,” she said.

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These business cards were printed by Whitney. However, for the actual printing, the client will be using Silk Cards or Plastic Printers.

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Designed by Whitney Kerney

For Velvet Tattoo

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