Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Business Card

Van Leeuwen business cards

Pentagram Design designed these business cards for Van Leeuwen, a Brooklyn-based artisan ice cream brand that makes its products from scratch and sells them in New York City and Los Angeles via trucks and shops, as well as packaged pints at grocery stores.

Van Leeuwen began in a Brooklyn kitchen in 2007 with the goal of reviving the classic American ice cream truck and the art of traditional ice cream making.

Pentagram’s designers worked closely with Ben and Pete Van Leeuwen and Laura O’Neill, the company’s co-founders, to develop the branding in conjunction with the company’s tenth anniversary.

When it comes to Van Leeuwen’s ice cream, quality matters. Therefore, Van Leeuwen needed a design that would both unify and distinguish their product lines, while giving the brand name primacy.

Van Leeuwen packagingVan Leeuwen logo

Design Inspiration

Pentagram Design team rebranded the visual identity by keeping it modern and minimal, yet it stands out among the other ice cream brands.

Instead of heavy visuals that add noise to the branding, only the logo and a decisive colour palette are used throughout. The concept reflects the purity of the ingredients while also making it easier for customers to distinguish the flavours.


Best of all, the colourful pints stand out in stores and look fantastic on social media!

Van Leeuwen packaging_3Van Leeuwen packaging_2

Typography & Colours

The same goes for Van Leeuwen’s business cards! While the design is considered minimal, it doesn’t lack the wow factor. The familiar Van Leeuwen wordmark, designed by Cathe Holden, can be seen prominently on one side of the card. It exudes personality and is closely associated with the brand.

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The sans serif font Sofia Pro is used as the secondary typeface. Apart from that, the symbol of an ice cream cone is used as a supporting element.

As for the colour palette, it is heavily inspired by ice-cream flavours: pink, blue, and purple, as well as light shades of each. This colour-driven approach works brilliantly to make the cards visually appealing and fun! When combined with the brand’s typography, it gives off a retro vibe that’s both warm and welcoming, but also sophisticated.

The overall branding has a cheerful, contemporary feel that works perfectly not only on the business cards, but on the trucks and other printed materials as well.


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Van Leeuwen business cardsVan Leeuwen gift cardVan Leeuwen packagingVan Leeuwen packaging_4Van Leeuwen_shopVan Leeuwen_ice cream truck

Designed by Pentagram Design

For Van Leeuwen

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