Twentyfourhour Clock Project Business Card

Alessandro Trapletti and his team developed the ‘Twentyfourhour clock project’. The product was selected for the International Design Week in Milan by the contemporary art gallery Rivoli2 in Brera (Milano).

“Twentyfourhour clock comes from the desire to deconstruct conventional clocks. Usually all the inner workings of this object are hidden behind the clock face that does not reveal the beauty and the intricacy of time keeping.” Alessandro replied, when asked about the inspirations involved.

“Our intention was to analyze the situation and to create something from another point of view giving importance to all the elements of the time: seconds, minutes and hours.”

According to Alessandro, this project had to be autoproduced so they chose a simple way to make it, using laser cut technology both for panels and mechanisms.

They chose a transparent material (plexiglass) for the project. To create a direct and strong relation between the product and its visual communication, Alessandro made the business cards in PVC laser cut in align with the essential element of the product – transparency.

The business card size is 86x41mm, printed on transparent PVC 400 Micron, using offset UV+White printing.

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Twentyfourhour Clock_transparent business card2

Designed by Alessandro Trapletti

Printed by Pinkograf

For Twentyfourhour clock project

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