Tropics Juice Bar Business Card

Tropics Juice Bar business card

Pedro Paulino designed these business cards for Tropics Juice Bar, a home of juices and smoothies located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“Tropics Juice Bar combines fresh fruits with superfoods like chia, spirulina, peruvian maca and kombucha on tap. Its varied menu also features delicious and healthy sandwiches, snacks, salads and cakes. Well worth the visit,” Pedro said.


These vertical monochrome business cards have a creative twist: placing the front and back sides together you’ll get the sun’s reflection – a tropical feel as if you’re at the beach getting as much sun as you possibly can.

These business cards were offset printed by FCG, a printing service in Brazil.

“In this case, the business cards must be cheap but look nice. So, we decided to play with the natural feeling of Alta Alvura paper (240g) expressing the real food while using the beauty and simplicity of black colour.”

“We are planning to have a new series soon, exploring coloured papers,” Pedro added.

Tropics Juice Bar business card


Designed by Pedro Paulino

Printed by FCG

For Tropics Juice Bar

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