Transkor Transport Business Card

Transkor business card

Foxtrot Studio designed these business cards for Transkor, a Polish transport company specializes in full mega trailer loads throughout the EU either as long term contracts or spot repositioning loads.

“We took inspiration from the client’s nature of business. We wanted the business cards to be bold, thick, heavy and confident; a business card design which is well suited to the hardships of long transport routes and well-suited to this environment,” said Adrian Chytry, the Graphic Designer at Foxtrot Studio.

The overall card design is edgy and super eye-catching. Black and red (colour) combination can never go wrong if you wish to be seen and remembered. Red is mainly used for the company’s main logo, logotype and website address.

The front side of the card completes with contact info while on the back, a debossed logo of the company with a bright red background.

Transkor business cardTranskor business card_cut out
Apart from that, Transkor business card has a unique cut-out at one corner, which can be easily recognized from a pile of regular business cards.

These business cards were screen-printed with embossing by Reprint, a printing company in Poland.

Transkor business cardTranskor embossed logoTranskor logotype

Designed by Foxtrot Studio

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Printed by Reprint

For Transkor

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