Trademode Business Card

Trademode business cards

Tim Semple designed these business cards for TradeMode™, a global network and authentic clothing production that connects the world to Africa. It’s locally made, on a global-scale.

Speaking of the client, Tim said, “What I like about them is they’re all about empowering women and giving them respectable working environments to wash out the old stigma of ‘sweatshops’ and cheap labour.”

TradeMode’s business cards come in various colours and the logomark is super catchy as well!

“The word mark takes on the high appeal of fashion that TradeMode wishes to instil. The problem discovered is: local Kenyans do not buy into local. They want Nike and global icons. The word mark also captures the italicized ‘mo’ which is abbreviation for Modus Operandi, which means: someone’s habits of working, especially in business models.”

Trademode logo
Tim continued, “As far as tone of voice, I wanted to offset and contrast the serif with a grotesque (Swiss inspired) sans-serif to form both a brand-level voice and the worker / average person. Both combine in a Tagline to marry B2C (business to consumer) this is where I feel the locally global phrase I went for comes into place.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I imagine pretty basic letter-pressing on a level of colorplan 350gsm stock,” Tim suggested.

Trademode business cards Trademode stationery

Designed by Tim Semple

For Trademode™

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