TOKO Downtown Restaurant Business Card

Michael Chereda designed these business cards for TOKO Downtown, an Asian fusion restaurant that offers Japanese and Chinese urban cuisine in Dubai.

“We conducted researches of the Japanese culture, painting and modern art in search of the golden mean. Having attentively studied traditional painting of Japan, we paid attention to the ‘marbling’ paper technique (floating ink). With its help we received patterns, unique in texture. They also formed the basis of the entire visual identity of the restaurant,” said Maria Chereda, Co-Founder of the BrightHead Studio.


“The modern subculture of Japan is allocated with bright colours, mad dresses and is the complete antithesis to the developed foundations and traditions. By combining these two strands of Japanese culture – traditional painting techniques and modern subculture – we were able to create a truly modern, bright and rich visuals.”

The client handled the card-printing themselves. Even so, Maria did provide some insights about it,

“Conceptually, we assumed the use of a dense multiply cardboard; embossing with gold foil on the front and four sides of business cards, using edge gilding technology.”

Indeed, it’s a smart choice to utilize foiling method to portray an already famous, sophisticated brand, while at the same time create a visual identity that’s truly remarkable!

Designed by Michael Chereda of BrightHead Studio

For TOKO Downtown

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