Today Flower Florist Business Card

Today Flower business card

Marietta Todorova designed these business cards for Today Flower, a flower shop that provides floral design, flower arranging and delivery.

“The design goal was to create a unique and friendly visual identity that indicates the mastership of the florists. Therefore, hand-drawn illustrations were made and adapted for the different materials,” Marietta said.

In contrast to the delicate illustrations on the back design, Marietta created a stunning personalized typography for the logomark and kept things minimal for the front design.

“The logo represents custom hand-lettering which adds an organic touch to the branding identity.”

These business cards were printed on premium craft paper with white seam by Id Print, a printing company in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Designed by Marietta Todorova – Brand Identity & Lettering Freelance Designer


Printed by ID Print (Sofia, Bulgaria)

For Today Flower

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