Tlali Pani Lifestyle Business Card

Estudio Albino designed these business cards for Tlali Pani, a lifestyle brand that sources products from across the globe, curates learning experiences, and gives back to the people behind each craft.

Tlali Pani’s target consumers are people based in the U.S. and Canada. They may or may not have access to travel but are curious, globally-minded, and want to find a way to support people outside of the US and Canada.

tlali pani logo

tlali pani_7

“The identity of Tlali pani comes from three elements: the water (tlali), the earth (pani) and the human touch that gives life to the crafts. The textures evoke the natural origins of the pieces, and the premium finishes show the dedication & attention to details with which each of the craft is made,” said the Graphic Designer at Estudio Albino.

The business card is designed to express an elegant and artistic feel. The script typeface along with the sans serif fonts are a perfect combination.

“Through the business cards, we wanted Tlali Pani to be perceived as a brand that aims to transform lifestyles to be more sustainable and globally-conscious, and reflective of our interconnected world.”

The business cards were screen-printed on kraft paper, with foil and debossed finishing for the icon.

tlali pani business cardtlali pani business card_1

tlali pani stationerytlali pani_8tlali pani_9tlali pani_4
tlali pani business card and tag tlali pani_3tlali pani_2tlali pani packaging
tlali pani boxestlali pani bag

Designed by Estudio Albino

For Tlali Pani

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