Tiago Graphic Designer Business Card

Tiago business card

Tiago Sá designed these business cards for his personal branding as a graphic and web designer.

Tiago gave a good thought and planned well for his latest visual branding. If you think it’s just a minimalist design with nothing special, you’ve guessed wrong.

“During the process of my own re-branding, I’ve felt the need to simplify all graphical elements, starting with the logo. Naturally, these business cards needed to reflect that new approach,” Tiago said.

“I had, however, previously used duplex cards and felt it worked quite well. Therefore, I was looking to keep that characteristic in this new design, as well as using 2 different printing techniques – letterpress on one side and silkscreen on the other – to make them more impactful.”

Yes, it’s actually a duplex business card and they were printed on a 297gsm Florescent, White Lettra stock while the other side, screenprinted to 280gsm Sirio ultra Black stock.

“The letterpress side of the card was (proudly) printed by myself while the silkscreen side was by this cool guy named Serigrafista Prateado, who did a great job. Especially since it’s always tricky to print white on a black paper stock.” Tiago said.


This minimalist business card design conveys both friendliness (‘Hi’, ‘I am Tiago’ on both sides, respectively) and sophistication (black and white). Truly is simple yet effective!

Designed by Tiago Sá

Printed by Serigrafista Prateado

For Tiago personal-branding

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