The Underground Tacos Business Card

The Underground Tacos_Business Cards

Hannah Ream designed these business cards for The Underground Tacos, a new taco joint in East Village, New York.

According to Hannah, this is a modern branding that encompasses these brand attributes: New York, punk rock and quirky.

“The brand image is continued through the business card design by being simple to digest, and somewhat secretive in the sense that the information can be pieced together to get the full range of information,” she said.

The Underground Tacos_logo

The Underground Tacos stationery

The business card has a nice contrast due to its colour combo, while at the same time expressing a simple and retro vibe.

The Underground Tacos is located in the former punk-rock hub of the city.

“Due to its location, influences from the punk-rock poster walls, philosophies and behaviors, and also the refined, socially accepted, typographic choices of the newspaper were melded into one. Something similar to an infamous underground newspaper,” Hannah said.

The typeface used for the business card design is called IBM Mono Plex SemiBold.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They would be printed on a standard matte paper, perhaps even a cardstock. Nothing too fancy, but can withstand wear and tear; nothing expensive or flashy,” Hannah suggested.

The Underground Tacos_business card

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Designed by Hannah Ream

For The Underground Tacos

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