The Stone Willow Floral Design Business Card

Stone Willow Studio business card

Tia Queen and Brenton Craig designed these business cards for The Stone Willow Studio, an Australian floral design studio inspired by Ikebana and the ‘weirdos’ of the plant realm.

“Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging,” explained Brenton Craig, the Co-founder of Studio Gangplank. “It’s a disciplined art where nature and humanity are brought together to emphasize shape, line and form.”

Stone Willow Studio typeStone Willow Studio logo
“We drew inspiration from Japanese modern typesetting and traditional calligraphy to create a brand that naturally creates space for florals to exist and express. The typeface featured is Canela using Canela Deck – Thin (Logo) and Canela Text – Regular (text and details).”

These business cards were printed by Heroprint in Australia. “The cards were printed on Conqueror Brilliant White, 300gsm (two sided black ink); blind embossing and trimmed to 90 x 66 mm,” Brenton said.

Overall, it’s a clean and elegant card design that wows with clever arrangement of texts and layout!

Stone Willow Studio busianess card1 Stone Willow Studio business card2 Stone Willow Studio

Designed by Tia Queen and Brenton Craig at Studio Gangplank

Printed by Heroprint


For The Stone Willow Studio

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