The Shake Shack Dessert Business Card

Sam Passmore designed these business cards for The Shake Shack, a mobile dessert van that serves up cold treats across South Coast of England.

“The client is a young Cornish lady named Charlie, she came to me to build a new and responsive brand identity,” Sam said. “Her only instruction for me was to make it fun, original and magical.”

The idea of the design was to create a brand that’s more than just a delicious treat: a magical experience for the kids. Therefore, it’s certainly helpful that the design comes with a friendly, cute mascot.


The business card comprises of a fine combination of type, colour, tone and subtle halftone textures throughout the design. “I developed a playful and fun mascot with the carefully selected colour pallet, inspired by the 1980’s Ice cream parlour, creating fully responsive brand that talks to its audience. Together we have rejuvenated the nostalgic ice cream van with a modern and responsive brand system,” Sam said.

These business cards were printed by Quay printers in Truro, Cornwall. According to Sam, they used an extra thick card with a raised spot gloss finish, raising the features on the back of the card to give it an almost 3 dimensional feel.


Designed by Sam Passmore

Printed by Quay Printers

For The Shake Shack

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