The PALU Restaurant Business Card

Palu business cards

Denys El designed these business cards for The PALU, a company that unites a group of restaurants.

The PALU is a family business. According to Denys, the brand name was formed by the combination of Pavel and Luka, the brothers’ names.

The business card design is elegant and classy. The minimalist design puts all the focus on the necessary info, while keeping it crisp and clean cut.

“The brand is saturated with Bulgarian traditions. The letter A is highlighted by a horizontal monogram, since it`s the first letter of the family name, thus it has a special meaning,” Denys said.

Palu logoPalu business card

Typography & Colour Palette

Speaking of the typography used for the logotype, he continued, “We have selected fonts that balance the mood of the brand and give it a restrained, but at the same time flexible character.”

“The font style for the logotype is strict. However, the font used for the article ‘The’ is Provence, which makes it clear that the brand, like a person, can respond to the situation and be hospitable & friendly with their friends and guests.”


As for the colours, “Many national patterns, including clothing, used a deep red/burgundy colour. This colour is also associated with wine, which is an integral part of traditional cuisine. In addition, we chose a neutral grey and the colour of rawhide as clothing, but taking into account our love for animals, we chose eco leather.”

These business cards were printed by Idea Print, a printing company in Odessa, Ukraine.

“For the card-printing, we used thick designer cardboard. We also added embossing and gold foil for the logo to convey the importance of the brand name,” Denys explained.

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Palu business cards2Palu stationeryPalu invitation cardPalu brand identity7Palu brand identity9Palu brand identity3

Designed by Denys El

Printed by Idea Print

For The PALU

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