The Offices Graphic Design Business Card

The Offices is a graphic design and branding agency in Australia. They designed these business cards as part of their agency stationery.

“We wanted our stationery to stand out and hopefully be memorable. We had created an identity system that was quite utilitarian in terms of typography and simplicity,” said Jeffrey Oley, one of the partners of The Offices.

“We wanted everything to just look basic, modern, but with a few quirks”

Green and white are the two main colors used for the visual branding, and there’s a reason for that.

“Many creative agencies seem to use black for their branding – looks serious. So, we used our green as many would use black – all consuming,” Jeffrey explained.

“Another part of the identity was the beveling of corners to create a formality to juxtapose against the modern, pragmatic type.”

These business cards were printed by Carbon8, a printing service in Redfern, NSW Australia.

Regarding the printing techniques, Jeffrey said, “We created a dyeline for the beveled edges and printed one colour on an uncoated stock for its simplicity.”

A creative minimal design that keeps things simple and tidy, well done!

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Designed by The Offices

Printed by Carbon8

For The Offices corporate branding

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