The Municipality of Kos Business Card

George Stathopoulos designed the logo and business cards, as a proposal for the municipality of Kos, a Greek island.

The inspiration behind the design was based on the spiritual, geographic and archaeological wealth of the island.

“My intention was to create a brand identity for the municipality of Kos which will be practical and flexible in both printed and digital media, showing the identity of the island. The result combines elements of the island’s historical, spiritual, geographic natural and cultural identity,” George said.


If you observe closely, you will notice there are three minimal icons blend in harmoniously within the logo, with each represents its very own element: Asklepieion of Kos (the most important archaeological monument of the island), the Sea (an integral part of the island’s beauty and history) and the St. John of Nafkleros Church (the spiritual identity of the island). What a beautiful way to communicate that Kos is indeed an attractive tourist destination in Greek!

The main colour, blue – which characterizes the Greek islands – highlights the dynamics of the logo. Adding frames/borders to the card adds sophistication, professionalism while separating the identity from ordinary designs. It makes the design more interesting and immediately draw people’s attention onto the details.

Overall, a sophisticated business card design that’s not to be missed!

Designed by George Stathopoulos

For The Municipality of Kos

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