The Learning Spaces Business Card

The Learning Spaces Business Card

Marina Goñi designed these business cards for The Learning Spaces, a company that’s dedicated to transforming learning spaces according to the pedagogical methodologies developed.

“The Learning Spaces is a company that works transforming and adapting learning spaces,” Marina said.

“They start studying the space and, according to the pedagogical methodology used in the school, they propose the refurbishment of the space and suggest proper furniture.”

“They design furniture and also manage the facilities’ project and work.”

When asked about the design idea, Marina replied, “The company wanted a brand image that reflects strength, joy and dynamism of the project.”

“The colour used reflects this strength and joy while the furniture elements become part of the image in an active and dynamic way.”

“We draw furniture-letters that merge with the rest of the logo.”

These business cards were printed by MOO on 298gsm, 100% cotton paper made from fashion industry waste.

The paper is lightweight yet durable, and it feels crisp and subtly textured.


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Designed by Marina Goñi

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Printed by MOO

For The Learning Spaces

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