The Happy Home Collective Business Card

Happy Home Collective business cards

Lindsey DelaTorre designed these business cards for The Happy Home Collective, owned by Caroline Langford, who is a macramé/fiber artist that creates floral wall hangings and plant hangers.

“I loved working with Caroline as a client. She is incredibly creative and knew exactly what she wanted. Her work is colourful and different, so I wanted to make sure that was portrayed through her logo and cards,” Lindsey said.

Happy Home businesscardHappy Home Collective logo1
“The illustrations are my interpretation of her favourite flower: the alstroemeria. The script font is handwritten by me and the rest of the fonts are Helvetica. I hand-watercoloured the flowers and then scanned; cleaned them up in Photoshop and created the script font in Procreate.”

The client handled the card-printing herself and it’s believed that she had them printed with MOO, which is usually Lindsey’s go-to as well.

Happy Home Collective businesscards
“I love texture for business cards. I didn’t personally have these printed, but I always recommend some type of gloss or embossing because I believe it leaves a lasting impression,” Lindsey suggested.

Overall, it’s a lovely business card design that expresses grace and creativity!

Happy Home Collective business card

Designed by Lindsey DelaTorre at L. Taylor Design Co.

Printed by MOO

For The Happy Home Collective

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