The Fold Visual Agency Business Card

Greg Anthony Thomas designed these business cards The Fold Creative Group, a visual agency specializing in branding, design and strategy based in Dallas, Texas.

Using pink and white as the main colour palette, the Fold’s business card design is able to attract people’s attention instantly, but not without a second glance due to its all-caps brand name that wraps around from the front to the back of the card, making the card looks like it’s actually folded!

“Both the client and I really wanted to play with the name and see how we could bring the idea of the fold to life on a business card,” Greg said, “Our solution was to scale the logotype up on the front so that it folded past the edge and onto the back of the card, forcing the viewer to interact with the piece. Using the logotype at that size also helped create a nice grid to align the supplementary info.”

Although these are just mockups for now, Greg did share with us his printing suggestions for the cards, “I would’ve gone with a 100C weight in the stock on white, with edge printing and sure, if they got that embossed, that would’ve looked great!”


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Designed by Greg Anthony Thomas

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For The Fold Creative Group

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