The Architects’ Project (TAP) Business Card

TAP business card

2dots Space Agency designed these business cards for The Architects’ Project (TAP), an autonomous initiative continuously engaging with industry experts and academics to deliver a wide range of activities and services.

TAP’s main aim is to empower the built environment community towards better ways of developing the environment and society. 2dots Space Agency was tasked to manage the design and creative direction for this project.

TAP’s card design has a dynamic and professional vibe due to the clever use of lines and sans serif typeface.

TAP logoTAP logotype
“The brand identity design for TAP has a strong architectural influence with a minimalist clean touch. The design is responsive to different elements: type design and lines,” said Aaron Yeboah Jr., the Founder of 2dots Space.

These business cards will be printed by MOO on uncoated Luxe paper. According to Aaron, the cards will have multiple colour variations as well, such as blue, white and yellow.

TAP business cardsTAP typography TAP t-shirt TAP stationery

Designed by 2dots Space Agency

For The Architects’ Project (TAP)

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