Terre de Lune Painting Business Card

Terra de Lune painting business cards

Guillaume Caute designed these business cards for Terre de Lune, a high-end decorative painting company.

Terre de Lune means ‘moon’s ground’ in French and the company’s specificity lies in the natural origin of its products based on limestone, component of hydraulic lime.

Speaking about the creation of the visual identity, Guillaume said, “I worked on a custom typography with marked serifs referring to a certain tradition, a promise of quality.”

“I was also inspired by the lunar cycle to play with the visible/not visible aspect of each letter.”

“To give more depth to the design, the serifs become stars and form colorful patterns that are available on all packaging and communication media.”

Overall, this is an interesting business card design that’s elegant, unique and luxurious.


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Designed by Guillaume Caute

For Terre de Lune

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