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Ellie Williams Design designed these business cards for Teagan Cartwright, a fine artist who specialises in watercolour art of a wide variety of animals.

“Teagan is based in Pembrokeshire in West Wales. She runs her business alongside her part time job at a local butchers. She is really busy with her commission work to the extent that she is fully booked up until January next year!” Ellie said.

The brand uses earthy tones and dried flower style illustrations on both its thank you and business cards. They have a strong nature vibe and complement the script & serif typography brilliantly.

Teagan Cartwright logoTeagan Cartwright business card

“Teagan’s brand is all about being a small, local business. The colours and illustrations reflect that really well. Also, Teagan’s brand is calming and natural, which makes her brand image and tone of voice really approachable and friendly.”

Ellie and her client worked to create a gorgeous autumnal colour palette paired with natural botanical illustrations and markings.

Speaking of the design inspiration, Ellie said, “The brand image needed to be natural and organic with rusty/autumnal tones to reflect the colours used in a lot of Teagan’s work, along with the beautiful countryside of Pembrokeshire where she is based.”


These 85mm x 55mm business cards were printed on uncoated 400gsm silk cardstock by Solopress. According to Ellie, they chose this option as it gives the card most rustic and natural finish.

Teagan Cartwright_cards2Teagan Cartwright_business cards Teagan Cartwright iconsTeagan Cartwright thank you card

Designed by Ellie Williams Design

Printed by Solopress

For Teagan Cartwright

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