Tara Parker Tait Personal Branding Business Card

Tara Parker Tait Personal Branding Business Card

Katherine Pihl designed these business cards for Tara Parker Tait who manages a lifestyle blog for adventurous mamas and their precocious offspring.

Speaking of her client and the design inspiration, Katherine said, “The client had an idea of creating a vacation rental home for modern day families.”

“As a mother, the founder felt there was a lack in the industry of home exchange that were kid-friendly and wanted to create one that was well curated with stylish and family-friendly homes around the world.”

“The project evolved into creating a movement for the modern travelling family and help create meaningful family-oriented experiences rooted in a more bohemian and free-spirited philosophy.”

The idea of starting a movement, lead to creating a unique, tribal typeface for Modern Nomad.

This is what is seen on the front side of the business card, it is also the logo of the brand, which Katherine also designed.

“The Modern Nomad typeface is based on a sans serif typeface and evokes the bohemian attribute of the brand.”

“Using the logo as a blueprint, I created the graphic pattern on the front of the business card using the brand colours, which are contemporary primary colours,” Katherine said.

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Unfortunately these cards did not get printed and the client kept the presence of the brand digital.

Even so, the business card design remains impressive and continues to inspire everyone who’ve seen it!


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Designed by Katherine Pihl for Free Agency Creative

For Tara Parker Tait (Modern Nomad)

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