Symmetria Consulting Engineers Business Card

Circus Design Studio designed these business cards for Symmetria Consulting Engineers, a local agency of consulting engineers in Volos, Greece.

Circus Design Studio designed the full corporate identity and website for Symmetria. The word ‘Symmetria’ comes from Greek, which means Symmetry.

According to Circus Design Studio, the whole concept is based on ‘Fibonacci Sequence’ as the key to express symmetry/harmony/expandability. A ‘Fibonacci’-style shell was used as the logo, not only to relate visually on the sequence, but as a ‘Fibonacci’ example on nature/life.

Filomila Print printed these business cards using textured paper: Rives Design Bright White 350gsm. Same paper type was used for the card holders as well, giving the entire visual identity a luxurious touch.

Apart from the Greek version, Circus Design Studio also prepared the English/global version of the cards for non-Greek speaking clients. Thoughtfulness counts and always be prepared because you never know who you’ll meet along the way!

Designed by Circus Design Studio

Printed by Filomila Print (Volos, GR)

Paper: Perrakis Paper (Athens, GR)

For Symmetria Consulting Engineers

Business Card Printing
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