Sweetland Music Recording Business Card

Sweetland business card

Łukasz Dróżdż designed these business cards for Sweetland Music, a commercial home recording, mixing and mastering studio owned by music producer, David Sweetland.

Speaking of the design inspiration behind this classy business card design, Łukasz said, “My client is a Music Producer, so the design inspiration came from gramophones. I just realized them in minimalistic symbol of spinning vinyls.”

The card design exudes professionalism, showcasing dedication, high quality and the client’s passion for artistry, which in this case, music. Apart from that, the design also captures prospect’s attention with its sophisticated colour palette – black and purple.

Through the application of gradient (which symbolizes ‘music’ according to Łukasz), one can easily feel the luxurious and mesmerizing effect the card is capable of producing.

These business cards were printed by UGD Company using 350g chalk paper with matt foil.

Designed by Łukasz Dróżdż

Printed by UGD Company

For Sweetland

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