Sweet Audio Business Card

Sweet business cards

Katya Anto designed these business cards for Sweet, an audio brand startup by a collaboration of Russian and British designers.

“The idea was to create a friendly, colourful, ‘sweet’ graphic to support the name of the brand. At the same time, we hope to make the branding more humane and fun than what most electronic companies have,” Katya said.

The business card design is super catchy with vibrant graphics and a clever logo.

Sweet typography_coloursSweet logo construction

“The logotype itself represents two ‘switch’ icons, when combined together, make a letter S. The pattern was partly inspired by the logotype itself, partly by lollipops and candies. Together with the vibrant colours, the abstract graphic creates a kind of ‘sweet’ vibe.”

The typeface used for the visual identity is Neuzeit Grotesk. According to Katya, “It is simple, stable, and visually matches the brand graphics. For the logo, the typeface was custom-made by me.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I expect them to be offset-printed on Hybrid Bagasse FS Rough White paper, 350gsm. The colours would look very vibrant on this paper, which is important for the brand,” Katya suggested.


Sweet business cardsSweet stationery2SWEET_logoSWEET_patternSweet stationery

Designed by Katya Anto

For Sweet

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