Suzanne Nutt Landscape Designer Business Card

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Kaori Drome designed these business cards for Suzanne Nutt, a landscape designer based in New Jersey.

Speaking of the client and the design inspiration, Kaori replied, “I created a branding system for Suzanne including a logo and a stationery set.”

“We decided to go with a simple typographic logo using Didot font that Suzanne really loved.”

“She wanted to keep the business card design very simple, yet to have a nice blind impression texture or pattern to add a luxury feel to it.”

As for the other side of the card, Kaori kept it simple with the client’s contact information but not without adding a little oomph to it via letterpress printing technique to the texts.

These business cards were letterpress printed by Hoban Press with a black ink and a blind impression on 220# Crane Lettra White. A very clean and professional business card design that speaks for itself!


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Suzanne Nutt Landscape Designer Business Card_1


Designed by Kaori Drome

Printed by Hoban Press

For Suzanne Nutt Landscapes

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