Suzana Gullo Personal Branding Business Card

Suzana Gullo business cards

Luísa Brockmann designed these business cards for Suzana Gullo, a Brazilian digital influencer known for sharing content about her lifestyle, trips and partnerships with different brands.

“Our goal was to be able to communicate the idea that all content created by Suzana is exclusively of her life and lifestyle. With that in mind, we decided to go for ‘S as a monogram, from ‘Suzana’s lifestyle’, ‘Suzana’s family’, ‘Suzana’s fashion’, which at the same time represents the initial of her name,” Luísa said.

Suzana Gullo brandingSuzana Gullo logo and pattern

“Since she’s a person who is very connected to fashion, and most of her brand partners are fashion brands, we aimed at a more sophisticated visual language that could be easily mistaken for a hot couture brand.”

Speaking of the colours and typography used in the visual identity, Luísa explained, “The colours were chosen to communicate femininity, class and strength at the same time, after all, she’s a strong woman with a strong image. As for the typography, we used the Philosopher typeface, with a few modifications.”

“The pattern was the most fun part to make! It is all based on the monogram form,” she added.

The client handled the card-printing themselves. When asked about the possible printing outcome, Luísa suggested, “I expected the cards to use thick paper, probably couche matt paper to create duplex business cards and with matte lamination finish. I think thick cards are very chic, so this is how I imagined Suzana’s cards to be.”


Suzana Gullo business cardSuzana Gullo stationerySuzana Gullo typographySuzana Gullo logo Suzana Gullo digital media

Designed by Luísa Brockmann

Created under 100% Design 

Creative Direction by Guilherme Albuquerque

For Suzana Gullo

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