SUR Architects Business Card

SUR Architects Business Card

The Branding People designed these business cards for SUR, a Mexican architectural studio specialized in sustainable urban development projects.

“We represented the mixture of its guiding concept in a logo constructed from lines with different thicknesses and recurrent lines found in architectural planes,” said Ricardo Viramontes, the Director and Founder of the studio.

The visual identity is based on the union of two concepts, ‘sustainability’ and ‘urban planning’, which can be seen throughout the design via construction of simple and functional elements (e.g. circles, lines).

For instance, the logotype and the business card itself are divided in half (or partially) using graphical elements to depict the mentioned concepts respectively.

These business cards come in two versions and were printed on craft papers via hot stamping by Imprenta Floresmeyer, located in Mexico City.


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SUR Architects logo SUR architects stationery

Designed by The Branding People

Printed by Imprenta Floresmeyer

For SUR Architects

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