Studio Sisterz Interior Design Business Card

Studio Sisterz Interior Design Business Card

Petek Design designed these business cards for Studio Sisterz, an interior design company owned by two sisters.

“This is a rebranding project for the sisters who are specializing in home styling,” said Efrat Elie, the Designer of Petek Design.

“The goal was to rebrand their business (especially the logo) into a clean, minimalist yet sophisticated design.”

“To do so, I had created a unique plus sign with the letter ‘T’ to emphasize the fact that this is a business of two designers who are also sisters.”

“Meaning, they are always together and know each other best – a perfect work team!”

The ‘T’ sign can be seen on both sides of the business card – one within the logotype itself; the other can be seen connecting the sisters’ initials (M and S) together while displaying their respective contact details. A great representation of simplicity and functionality!

“Other inspirations for the visual identity including Nordic interior design and clean typography,” Efrat added.

These business cards were printed on thick card stock with a matte finish.


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Designed by Efrat Elie at Petek Design

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For Studio Sisterz

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