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Studio Ping Pong designed these business cards for their corporate branding as a design studio based in Calcutta, India.

Studio Ping Pong is formed by a small curious team that listens well, works hard and takes play very seriously. Hence, the unique name and brightly-coloured business card design.

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“Ping Pong is a studio that celebrates a balance between work and play. The idea of punching the holes came from ping pong balls themselves and the yellow cards were a perfect match for the rest of the identity,” said Kritika, the Founder of Studio Ping Pong.

“Since the card had holes, both sides were printed in such a way that text was legible and bold.”

The typography used for the visual identity including Obviously (font) for the logotype while Degular for the body copy. Both are from OH no Type foundry.

These business cards were hand screen-printed on WCC Sona Papers; manually hole-punched so each card is unique.

If you feel that these cards resemble cheese, you’re not the only one. However, we were told that this was all a happy coincidence! Even so, this is still a playful business card design that’s bound to impress!

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Ping Pong business card2Ping Pong business cardPing Pong business cardsStudio Ping Pong logoStudio Ping Pong logo2

Designed by Studio Ping Pong

For Studio Ping Pong

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