Studio Dilberovic Graphic Designer Business Card

Studio Dilberovic business card

Ivan Dilberovic designed these business cards for Studio Dilberovic, his self-branding project as a graphic designer based in Croatia.

Introducing the unique element of his business cards, Ivan said, “These are personal perforated business cards, made to be served to the client while connected to the rest of the cards. The client can take one (or as many as he wants) and tear it from the bunch.”

Studio Dilberovic business card_5

The typography used in the branding project are Neutra and Minion.

The colour palette is equally striking for a memorable impression!

These business cards were printed on Keaykolour red paper via matte silver foil print, blind letterpress and comb perforation by Kreativni Tisak in Croatia.

Studio Dilberovic business card_1Studio Dilberovic business card_4Studio Dilberovic business cardsStudio Dilberovic business card_3

Designed by Ivan Dilberovic


Printed by Kreativni Tisak

For Studio Dilberovic

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