Studio Archipelago Business Card

Rico John Jambaro designed these business cards for Studio Archipelago, an interior design company founded by Claudine Yao-Diez.

“A local design studio partnered with me to redesign the logo for Studio Archipelago. Our concept was to create a monogram that combines the Initials of the Founder,” Rico said. “A part of the brief was to create a pattern made out of the monogram that can be used on stationery specifically for the business card.”

Claudine’s initials ‘C’, ‘Y’, ‘D’ can be seen forming an abstract like monogram and when combined, created a sophisticated pattern that runs through her branding identity. The pattern works seamlessly with the chosen colour palette (dark blue and gold), presenting a professional and elegant image for the brand.

The client handled the card-printing themselves. Even so, Rico did share with us his printing suggestions, “Gold foil, painted edges and thick cardstock.”

Designed by Rico John Jambaro

For Studio Archipelago

Business Card Printing
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