Stone & Sky Jewelry Business Card

Stone and Sky business card

Elizabeth Reyes designed these business cards for Stone & Sky Jewelry, a handmade stone and beaded jewelry business owned by Desiree Bacon.

“Overall, I wanted to mirror the handcrafted aspect of Desiree’s jewelry-making by using a handwritten type treatment as well as natural elements like the watercolour,” Elizabeth said.

Explaining further about the design inspiration, she continued, “We incorporated the notion of ‘Sky’ with the phases of the moon and the ‘Stone’ by using circular elements as well. These are also meant to represent the beading aspect of the Desiree’s work. Her work is inspired by nature so it was very important to incorporate that throughout the design.”

Stone and Sky illustration
“We wanted people to feel inspired by Desiree’s branding. Her mini cards are not just meant to hold her jewelry but also to serve as keepsakes so focusing on beautiful art was very important,” Elizabeth added.

Stone and Sky business cards
These business cards were printed by Zazzle. According to Elizabeth, “The cards were printed on a thick stock in order for Desiree to mount her earrings onto them without any issues. We also kept everything in matte so that they would feel more hand crafted.”

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So if you’re into handcrafted approach and nature-inspired card design, this is a creative one you wouldn’t want to miss!

Stone and Sky business card1 Stone and Sky stationery

Designed by Elizabeth Reyes at Little Nook Studio

Printed by Zazzle

For Stone & Sky Jewelry

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