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Suzie designed these business cards for her ecommerce shop, which sells original handmade stickers, phone grips, key chains, and other fun stationery.

Suzie is a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer based in Toronto. Her online shop began as a side project and has since grown into a small business. Suzie describes this as a ‘dream come true’ for her because art has always been a huge part of who she is.

Suzie’s business card is unique and lovely. Rounded corners give the cards a more welcoming feel by softening their appearance and complementing the rest of the design. In addition, a QR code on the front of the card directs customers to Suzie’s contact page, which is a huge plus for e-commerce businesses.

Stickersbysuzie illustration


“I wanted the business cards to reflect the style of the items I sell online. So, I went with a cute and friendly brand image,” Suzie said.

“I thought about having a mascot to represent my brand and I thought a flower would be an ideal fit. Therefore, I incorporated a flower into the design,” she said of the adorable mascot.

The typeface used on the business card is called Winkle, a type of handwritten font that adds a personal touch to any design.

“My style is always evolving and changing, but for this current business card, I chose a rounded typeface to match the style of illustration on the business card.”

Aside from the lovely illustration inspired by the logo, the colours used are soft and feminine. Most importantly, the colour palette brilliantly brings out the flower mascot. Talk about catching the prospect’s eye the moment they see it!

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These vertical business cards were printed by Vistaprint.


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Designed by Susanna Ding a.k.a. Suzie

Printed by Vistaprint

For Stickersbysuzie

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