Stick & Wolf Jewellery Business Card

Motyf Studio designed these business cards for Stick & Wolf, a brand that creates minimalist, handcrafted jewellery for strong and independent women.

It offers a unique range of one-off pieces and limited editions of bracelets, gold necklaces, earrings and rings.

The brand name comes from a calque translation of its co-founders’ surnames – Kasia Kijek (Stick) and Ania Wilczewska (Wolf).

The design of the business card is based on an art technique called ‘Ebru’ – a traditional Turkish method of aqueous surface design, widely known as paper marbling.

The pattern represents the surface of setting gemstones into jewellery. Both Kasia and Ania took an active part in creating the pattern.

Then, hot stamping were added to these business cards by Kolory to make them look elegant and classy.

Designed by Motyf Studio

Printed by Kolory

For Stick & Wolf

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