Sterling Harper Home Décor Business Card

Meiwen See at Project M Plus designed these business cards for Sterling Harper based in Brooklyn, New York.

Describing their client, Cleo Murnane (the Creative Director of Project M Plus) said, “Sterling Harper was founded to help create more connection between our inner selves and the places we come home to every day. They want your home to be more than four walls with cool stuff; to feel like a sanctuary where your life has room to take center stage.”

“Inspired by their time spent living the Scandinavian lifestyle, Sterling Harper offers products that have been distilled down to pieces that serve you – whether in functionality or feeling.”

For the design process, Sterling Harper’s branding was inspired by iconic Danish-design furniture.

“We illustrated the furniture and home goods in charcoal and layered them throughout the brand to create sense of home. The illustrations were oversized and abstracted to just hint at the objects without being too literal.”

These business cards were printed by MOO.


“We loved the idea of varying backs to show main colours of the brand – a deep green and light blush, and a terracotta. It is printed on a heavyweight paper with a matte finish to keep it as organic as possible and compliment the charcoal illustrations,” Cleo said.

Designed by Meiwen See for Project M Plus

Printed by MOO

For Sterling Harper

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