Stephie Yoga & Massages Business Card

Stephie Yoga business card

Banana Chocolate designed these business cards for Stephie Yoga & Massages, a yoga teacher and wellness massage practitioner based in Lille, France.

Banana Chocolate managed the branding project including designing the brand’s flyer, social media icons and business cards.

Stephie logo

The business card is designed to transmit wellness, yoga, massage, yoga retreat and travel. Also, its square layout conveys an elegant and modern image.

“Stephie also organizes yoga and surf retreats. Her brand’s logo features a tiger and a palm tree as its primary design elements. We wanted it to represent strength, movement and abundance,” said Barbara, the Graphic Designer at Banana Chocolate.

“The colours used are inspired by nature, such as the sun, sea and sand.”

Stephie Yoga colour paletteStephie Yoga logo2

The typeface used for the logotype is called King.

“In order to mimic the isotype, we used a simple typeface with a similar stroke.”

“We wanted to convey nature and beach vibes. As a result, we created a watercolour texture to portray the ocean’s fluidity and texture of the sand.”

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “The cards would be printed on 298gsm cotton paper, uncoated and naturally bright white. I like the idea of using paper made with recycled materials,” Barbara suggested.

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Stephie Yoga business card2Stephie Yoga watercolour textureStephie Yoga moodboardStephie Yoga iconsStephie Yoga flyer

Designed by Banana Chocolate

For Stephie Yoga & Massages

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