Squash 73 Multidisciplinary Space Business Card

Squash 73 multidisciplinary space business cards

Mariela Mezquita designed these business cards for Squash 73, a multidisciplinary space located in Mexico City.

Once a squash club, the space was abandoned for many years before it was repurposed to give space to creative young adults to enjoy and discover art-related activities (such as drink and draw, an exhibition, a ceramics workshop, a photo-shoot or a theatre rehearsal) as well as emerging proposals.

According to Mariela, the client wanted a playful and fresh design that showed off creativity, but also reminded them of the athletic roots of the place – squash as a sport.

This inspired the graphic elements of Squash 73 to appear dynamic and moving constantly.

While the business card applies playful illustration on one side, it’s all words on the other.

Using bold, straightforward typeface and a neat layout, the contact information has a clear readability.


Overall, it’s a clean and effective design that speaks for itself!

Designed by Mariela Mezquita

Photographed by Camila Rodriguez

For Squash 73

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