Springcamp Business Card

Springcamp business_card

Young-jin Joo designed these business cards for Springcamp, a new youth space for various people to connect and interact.

Young-jin was approached by Guro-gu Office, the District Office of Seoul, Republic of Korea for this branding project.

“The Springcamp is not limited to just youths but also local residents, organizations and others in accordance with each other’s goals and to create social synergy. It is not a space for a specific purpose, but a space where people can use it freely to brainstorm, discuss with each other and find answers,” Young-jin said.

Springcamp logo


“The identity of Springcamp was inspired by the idea of having people of various personalities as important members. We expressed the process of gathering of various people, interacting them as needed and generating social synergy as graphic motif.”

“The logo was designed in accordance to the process which various people create synergy. The circle symbolizes people, create communities via Springcamp, interact, and grow on a larger scale.”

Springcamp logo constructionSpringcamp typographySpringcamp logo2


The typography used in the visual identity is HK Grotesk.

The client handled the card-printing themselves. When been asked about the possible printing outcome, Young-jin replied, “Since the business cards already have various colours and patterns, so we would recommend printing them without finishing.”

Springcamp business cardSpringcamp businesscardSpringcamp postersSpringcamp bags

Springcamp banners

Designed by Young-jin Joo

For Springcamp (by Guro-gu Office)

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