Spring Hotel Business Card

Spring Hotel business cards

Afsana Hajizada designed these business cards for The Spring Hotel, a conceptual branding project for a hotel in Azerbaijan.

“The design was inspired by daffodil flower, which symbolizes spring and beginning of a new year. From that, I created the brand’s logo and other branding materials. I imagine that, Spring Hotel, will be a luxury, comfortable, friendly and attractive hotel,” Afsana said.

Spring Hotel logoSpring Hotel logo inspirationSpring Hotel logo constructionSpring Hotel toiletries
The font used is called MiloSerifWeb W04. Overall, the visual identity has a simple yet elegant image.

These business cards are not printed. According to Afsana, “The cards should be printed clean, using quality textured paper without losing their real colours, like how they are shown in the mockups.”

Spring Hotel business cardSpring Hotel invoice designSpring Hotel envelopes Spring Hotel iconsSpring Hotel sign2 Spring Hotel sign Spring Hotel room keycard design

Designed by Afsana Hajizada


For Spring Hotel

Business Card Printing
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