Spotted Zebra Writing Guide Business Card

Spotted Zebra writing business card

Sarah Mangion designed these business cards for Spotted Zebra, a go-to site for writing, events and media engagement needs.

Spotted Zebra offers a range of how-to products for professional reference, and it’s for the busy individual seeking quick yet concise information to assist them in tasks such as organizing a product launch, writing a media release or preparing a formal speech.

Sarah had some interesting ideas when creating its visual identity to represent a professional, bold and sophisticated image with a slight quirkiness.

“The logo set uses a geometric typeface for sophistication, whilst the ‘spot’ connects perfectly with the name giving it that element of quirkiness,” said Sarah.

“The zebra illustrations were hand-drawn for a completely custom feel.”

These business cards were letterpress printed by The Hungry Workshop on Crane Lettra 600gsm card stock for that soft and luxurious texture!

Designed by Sarah Mangion

Printed by The Hungry Workshop

For Spotted Zebra

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