Spätzlepress Business Card

Spätzlepress - Branding

Michael Haberbosch designed these business cards for Spätzlepress, a food truck that cooks traditional meal.

Michael was asked by the client to develop a visual branding for the food truck, including naming the brand, designing the logo and taking pictures of the truck and food etc.

Spätzlepress logo


“The so-called ‘Spätzle’ (a kind of pasta/noodles) or ‘Kässpätzle’ (noodles with cheese) are originally from the south of Germany. I chose to name the brand ‘Spätzlepress’, which is a traditional kitchen tool for handmade ‘Spätzle’, mostly used in the region of Upper Swabia, where the food truck is located,” Michael said.

These business cards were offset-printed on Munken Pure by Online-Druck GmbH & Co. KG. When asked about the paper material, Michael replied, “It’s a wood-free, yellowish-white, uncoated design paper with 1.13-fold volume. The chosen colour was based on the colour scheme of Spätzle.”



Designed by Michael Haberbosch at DAS EINE Designstudio

Printed by Online-Druck GmbH & Co. KG

For Spätzlepress (Sebb’s Original)

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