Sojourney Expeditions Outdoor Adventure Business Card

Keith Davis Young designed these business cards for Sojourney Expeditions. Founded by Carl Cooper, Sojourney Expeditions is an outdoor adventure company based in Austin, Texas.

The objective behind the brand’s experiential retreat is to emphasize and bring more people into nature and away from the day-to-day noise.

“I love how the company has always pushed the idea that they “believe the wilderness brings a slower pace and a vulnerability that can spark transformation and the renewal of life“. That’s something that’s super inspirational and relatable for me personally,” Keith said.

“That idea resonated with me strongly from the get-go, and was the catalyst for all the proposed artwork.”

“With the brand collateral, I tried to keep the visual direction and aesthetics bare minimum. I also wanted a hand-drawn human feel to the type and illustration as well. Really happy with how that translated when laser-etched into the wooden cards.”

These business cards were printed by Pure Black Inc. We were curious on the techniques used when printing the wooden cards. Keith explained,

“The vendor had taken my files, that were essentially vectorized hand-drawn mockups, and laser-etched them into the front ant backs of the wooden business card. Not only did this approach give the artwork more dimension (visually), but it also gave the pieces more of an interesting tangible quality.”

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“This was my first time to go this route with a business card, which felt refreshing, non-formulaic, and outside of the norm. It ended up becoming a very impactful deliverable to leave behind.”

And Keith is right! The visual impact and the touch of wooden cards effectively remind us the beauty of nature. The rounded corners give it a smooth and pleasant feel. Due to its uniqueness and lasting impression, this is a business card you would not throw away.

Designed by Keith Davis Young

Printed by Pure Black Inc.

For Sojourney Expeditions

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